Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Paris Diaries: Day 3

On our 3rd day in Paris, we decided to head into the heart of the city. The Metropolitain or "the Metro" as it's more frequently called is easily the best way to get around in Paris. If you're hear for any length of time, you can buy the Carte Orange which is sold for Monday through Sunday and allows you unlimited travel all through Paris on the Metro. All you need to get it is a passport sized photo of yourself. The actual card itself is good for 10 years and I think it was €5 to purchase. The weekly faire is less than €20 - it's a bargain! Our first stop was Les Halles, a station that has a large shopping mall inside and just outside is a large Sephora! Tres magnifique!

From Les Halles we walked down to Pont Neuf, a bridge that we crossed to get to the island where Notre Dame is in the center of the Seinne. We could see Le Tour Eiffel in the distance - a lovely view!

We came upon the Palais de la Justice on our walk. It's the main courthouse in Paris. There are tours available and you can also go inside the gallery to watch court cases if you like.

All in all, I think it was about a 20 or 30 minute walk from Les Halles to Notre Dame. When we arrived, we met this fella who put some bird seed in my hand which attracted about 20 small birds - it was amazing!

One of the famous rose windows inside Notre Dame Cathedral - they are breathtaking!

St. Joan of Arc... 

After all that walking, what's a girl to do? When in Paris, eat Steak Frites! Nom Nom Nom!

Followed by macaroons from Laduree on le Rive Gauche of course!

Every Laduree I've been too is so beautifully presented with macaroon sculptures and pretty boxes! 

Once we reached the Boulevard St. Germain, we had to make a very special stop for coffee at Cafe de Flore, a Parisian institution and a great spot for people watching, especially if you're a lover of street style!

After walking along the Boulevard St. Germain looking in all of the lovely shops along the way, we popped into a Monoprix grocery store - I love grocery stores, so I was very amused. Just look at how cute these Heinekin bottles are, designed by the electro-pop group Metronomy!

We looped back around via the Louvre. Both my husband and I have been there before, so we're not too bothered about going inside, but it's always lovely seeing the grounds... Tres jolie!

On our way back to the flat, we walked through Montmartre where we're staying, a trendy part of Paris in the 18th Arrondisement. We've been told this week by some younger Parisians we've met that because the rent in this area is a bit cheaper, it's filling up quickly with students, artists and the trendy set of Paris!

A chocolate shop near our flat has this pirate ship made entirely of chocolate inside...

As well as Le Tour Eiffel au chocolat!

And a tribute to American sports as well! It was a fantastic day in the city and we saw so much in only one day!

We're still here for a while so if any of you have any recommendations for things we must see or do in Paris, I'd love your recommendations!



  1. I actually really recommend the catacombs if you're into history - absolutely amazing but get there early, musee d'orsay and dalí museum for art and of course bon marché for shopping

    also the batobus is a pretty good way to get around paris if the weather is good :)

  2. Les chocolats sont très jolis et élaboré !!

    Love all of the pictures!



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