Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3 Ways to Wear: Yellow Trousers

I recently received an e-mail from a reader who bought a pair of ankle length yellow pants, but she isn't quite sure how to wear them without looking like a bumble bee since her first instinct is to wear them with black. Here are three ways to wear yellow trousers without getting the undesired bumble bee effect!
  1. Chinti and Parker Polka Dot Sweater
  2. Missoni Twill Pants
  3. Givenchy Booties
  4. Kate Spade Earrings
  5. Mulberry Bag
First of all, let me say that yellow and black is one of my favorite color combinations and unless you're wearing stripes, wings & antennae, don't worry about looking like a bumble bee. I love to throw a bit of white in as well and using a pattern makes the look even more fun! For a casual brunch or day out with friends, try wearing a black & white patterned sweater (I love polka dots, but any pattern will work) and keep your accessories all black so the trousers really pop! If heels aren't really your thing on a day off, then try wearing this same look with a pair of Tory Burch Reva's for a relaxed, classy look.

  1. H&M Leopard Blouse
  2. Missoni Twill Pants
  3. Christian Louboutin Heels
  4. Kendra Scott Earrings
  5. YSL Bag
If you're going out for a night on the town, step it up a notch by throwing in an animal print. Leopard or snake print will look amazingly chic with your yellow trousers and it takes very little effort. Again, with a bright color and an animal print, I'd encourage you to keep the accessories minimal and classic. You don't want too much going on, but do feel free to wear red lipstick with this look if you're up for it!
  1. Chloe Blouse
  2. Missoni Twill Pants
  3. Jimmy Choo Heels
  4. Tom Binns Earrings
  5. Reed Krakoff Bag

Taking your yellow trousers to work is just as easy, but in an office environment, let them be the centerpiece of your look. Neutrals and creams always give an air of being well put-together and a pussybow blouse gives the look a bit more structure. For just a little whimsy, wear a fun pair of earrings that have just a touch of yellow - they'll bring the whole look together.

How would you style a pair of bright yellow trousers?


  1. Thanks! I love the work look and the polkadot sweater is fabulous!! - NoPermanentAddy

    1. You're welcome! I love that polka dot sweater too - have a cute one that's royal blue & navy from Gap and it's already getting a lot of wear this year! x


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