Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lookbook: Fondue Night at my Favorite Paris Restaurant

 H&M Cardigan / H&M Navy Tank / Somewhere Scarf (purchased in Paris) 
LK Bennet Bag / Accessorize Earrings

Before I left for Paris I heard from a friend in London that there was a restaurant where everyone sits at long banquette tables together drinking wine out of baby bottles... Obviously this peaked my interest, but I totally forgot about it once I was there. Luckily, I stumbled one night with my husband into a restaurant that served fondue! He wasn't keen on fondue that night, but vowed to bring me back another night for my favorite European DIY dinner treat! Rather than go to the same restaurant again, I decided to consult Google for fondue options in the area of Montmartre and low & behold if I didn't find the baby bottle place my friend had spoken of a month before... Le Refuge des Fondue, merely a block away from our flat!

For only €21 per person, you are treated to an aperitif, a baby bottle of either red or white wine (there's no choice of brand - it's the house wine, but it's good!), an appetizer tray of meats & cheeses and your choice of either meat or cheese fondue. I highly recommend doing what we did - order cheese for 2 and meat for 1 so you can have them both. Also, they give you unlimited bread... It's really cheap for what you get and absolutely delicious!

When you arrive, one person from the party is required to climb over the table to get in to the other side of the banquette... Yes, you heard me right. I mean, stand in a chair and climb over the table... Cheeky that most of the time, the waiters ask the ladies to do it so if you go, don't make the same mistake I did when I wore a mini skirt... Oops!

It was quite honestly the best fondue I've had in a long, long time and so much fun! We ended up sitting beside this couple from New York City so we had loads to talk about.

If you're the type who goes to Paris for Michelin star restaurants and high brow service, then Le Fondue des Refuge is not the place for you. However, if you love beef and cheese, a bit of wine and a good time, then I'm happy to recommend it... Of all the wonderful restaurants we visited in Paris, Le Fondue des Refuge is my favorite! I mostly love it because it's not pretending to be something it's not and you're forced into conversations with strangers - always one of the best parts about traveling abroad! One final tip... If you run out of wine before you run out of cheese, don't be shy - order another... They're only happy to oblige and it's one of the cheapest drinks you'll get in Paris, but so good!


  1. I love fondue! I will be sure to check it out if we go to Paris anytime soon!

    1. It's really good food and a very good time - also, I'm pretty sure the restaurant was full of Americans & Canadians when I was there, so plenty of English speakers xx


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