Monday, October 29, 2012

New Bath Bombs at Lush

I recently popped into Lush for the first time in ages to stock up on Bath Bombs and I was thrilled to find that Lush has a few new ones I'd never tried! I've been a big fan of Lush Bath Bombs for years - they just make a bath so soothing and fun! Additionally, if you store them in a basket in your bathroom, they make the best air freshener and after a bath, most of my flat smells divine! 

The first one I tried is The Enchanter, which I understand is new for Halloween this year. It releases bright pink and yellow as it fizzes around the tub and eventually, they mix together to make the bath a bright orange, perfect for Halloween! The scent is citrus and for me, The Enchanter is a winner! Just a small warning for my fellow blondes: the colors are strong, so mind your hair. This bath bomb turned the bottom of my hair pink and it stayed that way for a day or two, then washed out completely.

If you're up for something fun, then the Party Popper is for you. It smells heavenly, turns your bath a pretty pink and finishes with a crackle as if it were filled with Pop Rocks! It's a winner and I would imagine it's especially fun for kiddos!

So White is my favorite new bath bomb. It smells like hot apple pie, a scent I've long associated with Autumn and Christmas. Not too many bells and whistles with this one, but it smells heavenly and offers a truly relaxing bath!

What's your favorite bath bomb from Lush?


  1. Lush is my favourite, i love the bath bombs sooo much


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