Monday, October 8, 2012

Silk Me Back in Pictures

About a week into our trip to Paris, my husband and I were wondering around the Rive Gauche and stumbled into this little alcove where we found an exhibition. Always curious, my husband just walked in like he owned the place and we found Silk Me Back, something that's oh-so-much more than an art exhibition in the Nesle Gallery.

In 1855, a biological disaster greatly threatened the French silk industry when disease struck the silk worms in France. At that time, Japan graciously agreed to export 61% of their silk worms to France and helped save the collapsing French silk industry we've all come to know and love. In response to the Tsunami in Fukushima, Isabelle Moulin initiated an exhibition asking 25 artists to create kimonos to display in various locations and then be sold at auction. The proceeds will benefit the Fukushima Disaster victims.

Each kimono is beautiful and unique, with a different point of view. Some are traditional and made of silk while others are made from paper, plastics or found objects. The most unique kimono I saw was folded in the traditional way a kimono is folded for a funeral then dipped in a bath of salt and borax (used as a coolant at nuclear power plants) which caused it to crystalize.

If you are interested in bidding on a kimono, making a donation to Silk Me Back or would like information, send an e-mail to or check out the blog.


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  1. I'm so glad I bumped into your page. The beauty, concept and designs of this exhibit are fascinating. The diversity of creativity is wonderful and the information you posted about the gallery was highly informative. Thank you for posting such a beautiful display.
    Thank you, Mary Ellen


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