Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Paris Diaries: Day 12

On my 12th day in Paris, I was on a mission - I had heard about the Chloe Attitudes exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo and being a big fan of the brand, I was on a mission to see it! First things first though, I needed macaroons for my journey and I headed to the Georges Larnicol in Montmartre for a stash of perfect little sweet treats!

We made our way on the Metro towards the Southwest part of Paris toward the Eiffel Tower and we spotted some Fashion Week action - there were paparazzi guys everywhere and well-heeled women sauntering about... No one I recognized though.

The Palais de Tokyo is a really cool space and one of the more reasonably priced museums in Paris.

Keep your eyes peeled for photos from the exhibit on Pink Julep - it was exquisite to say the least!

This very cool sculpture is on display in the main entrance of the Palais de Tokyo.

The first time I visited Paris, it was about 9 months after the death of Princess Diana. Because I was with a group, we arrived to Paris by bus through the Alma Tunnel where she died. When I left the Palais de Tokyo, I didn't realize we were nearby until I spotted the Flame of Liberty and I had to get a closer look. 15 years later, the Flame of Liberty with it's stunning view of the Eiffel Tower is still an unofficial monument to the late Princess of Wales and it's no less moving now than it was the first time I saw it.


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