Monday, October 1, 2012

The Paris Diaries: Day 5

We decided to take it easy for day 5 in Paris... I spent the whole day napping, reading books and blogging. It was heavenly! We did however venture out for dinner to Le St. Regis, a lovely little spot on Rue D'Orsel in Marmartre. The Steak au Poivre is simply divine - the best I've ever tasted!

For desert we tried this - 2 scoops of citron sorbet drenched in vodka. When it melts a little, it tastes like a key lime pie cocktail... It's pretty amazing! After desert, my husband wanted to visit this bar he'd seen in the morning on the bread run called L'Helice Bar. We've now been in a couple of times as the owner, Dominique is a charming fella, the staff is nice and the crowd is fun. We've been told by several young Parisians that they travel from the other side of the city or outside of Paris to L'Helice because it's  the best bar in the city.

Once you've ordered your drink, the bar staff will offer you either chips & salsa or petit bon bons (candy)... My favorite part!

Should you visit L'Helice, beware of the Aromatises Shots - Dominique hands them out freely. I suspect they are a concoction he makes himself, though I don't know that for sure... What I do know is that they're powerful! I recommend a bottle of the Bordeaux if you're having a nice relaxing night or for something a little more adventurous, try the Mojito Bull, a Mojito with Red Bull!


  1. oooh will be visiting L'Helice on my next trip there! x

  2. Mojito Bull sounds like something I might like - I wonder how the taste of Red Bull impacts the lime and rum of the mojito?

    1. It's really good if it's made well - you just have to try it! There's no way I could possibly explain how it tastes, but it's soooo good! xx


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