Monday, November 12, 2012

Sing-A-Long Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Prince Charles Cinema

On Friday, I headed to Leicester Square to the famous Prince Charles Cinema for Sing-A-Long Rocky Horror Picture Show and it was fantastic! I had never been to the PCC before and it did not disappoint! I'm seriously considering an annual membership because I'm planning to take advantage of a lot more of their amazing events!

When we arrived, we headed straight downstairs to the bar area where drinks can be purchased and we were met with a mob of people in Rocky Horror fancy dress - they all looked amazing! The theatre itself is a great size and not the standard stadium seating. Instead, the floor slopes in a way that gives every seat a good view of the screen... Speaking of the seats, they are so comfortable! Big, cushiony rockers that lean back make the PCC the most comfortable cinema I've ever been to!

The Sing-A-Long Rocky Horror Picture Show event happens several times a year and it's definitely a treat for anyone who's a fan of the cult classic. You are given a bag of props to use during the audience participation showing, taught choreography for some of the songs and given several phrases to shout at key times during the film - other than that, anything goes! There's also a costume parade and contest, not to mention a very funny and fabulous MC to get you in the mood! It's perfect for just a fun night out, a hen night or anyone who considers themselves a musical aficionado!

If you didn't get the chance to catch the Rocky sing-a-long during the Halloween period, don't fret... There are some dates on the calendar in December, February, April & June - I'd encourage you to book ahead as the seats tend to fill up! If Rocky isn't really your bag, the PCC offers sing-a-longs to other films such as Grease and The Sound of Music, a swear-a-long South Park event and quote-a-longs to some of your favorite films like Mean Girls or The Big Lebowski. If participation doesn't suit you, then you may enjoy any of the films showing regularly every week and marathons of flicks like The Dark Knight Trilogy, the Back to the Future Trilogy or the Indiana Jones Trilogy. The PCC really is a gem in London and a must-see for any of my fellow film buffs!

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