Monday, December 10, 2012

Proskins Leggings - A New Favorite

I've been so busy lately that I constantly find it hard to make it to the gym, but every year around this time, I start getting anxious for the New Year a bit early and I find myself working out with a vengeance before the holidays even start. Sometimes I find it difficult to find great workout gear in London so when the lovely people at Proskins got in touch to tell me about their Slim Full Length Leggings, I was only too happy to try them out!

The Proskins Slim Leggings are fabulous! They don't bunch, ride up or move at all - it's like wearing a second skin. I really love the waistline as well, which keeps them from falling down, a problem I usually have with workout trousers. The only thing I'll say is that these aren't very warm, so they're perfect for working out in the gym or outside in the Autumn, but at the current temperatures, they may not be warm enough to run in the great outdoors. Otherwise, they're fabulous and for only £50, they're worth every penny!

What do you normally wear to work out in the winter?

Leggings provided courtesy of Proskins, however I was not paid for this post and all views are my own.

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