Thursday, December 20, 2012

Succession by Douglas Schofield - A Royally Thrilling Read

It's hard to believe that I lived on a small Caribbean island for 3 years and never knew that Attorney Douglas Schofield who is also an author was practically on my doorstep. I actually heard about Mr. Schofield and his novel Succession from a mutual friend, my former next door neighbor. He spoke so enthusiastically about the book that I just had to ask him to put me in touch with the author.

Most girls have at one time or another dreamed of being royalty. It's as if we're genetically predisposed to favor the royal treatment from birth. But what if this dream came true and the circumstances were dangerous? What if the Windsors who currently occupy the throne had no right to it at all?

Many people don't know about Hannah Lightfoot a.k.a. "the fair Quaker", I certainly didn't. She's a historical figure that is believed by some to have been the first wife of King George III a.k.a "Mad King George." Succession is based on the theory that Hannah Lightfoot's bloodline has the true and legal claim to the British throne.

Emma Parks, a doctor finds herself in a bit of trouble at work while the world is mourning the recent death of Princess Diana. Worried about the fate of her career, she soon finds herself distracted by a man who seems to be after an antique vase that has belonged to her family for years. Before she knows what's happened, she is running for her life and it's all because of the vase she displayed on an antiques television show... Or so she thinks.

Succession is a fast-paced thriller that's chock full of really interesting history about England and the royal family. It's a quick, interesting and exciting read - there's even a little touch of romance! Succession was originally written as a screenplay and was adapted as a novel. One of the things I love about this book is that it reads like a screenplay - every action and motion is visibly clear and because of the way it's written, it moves quickly and sucks you into the story without delay. Succession has been optioned for film and I can't wait to see it - it will be a fantastic movie!

For more information, check out this interview with Douglas Schofield in which he talks about Succession and his other novel, Flight Risks.

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