Friday, January 25, 2013

Right Now - Comebacks, Debuts, Cheese & More

  1. By the grace of Oscar de la Renta, it was announced this week that John Galliano will make a fashionable comeback! I am rather excited by this news because not only is Galliano my favorite designer, but everyone deserves a second chance... Look how it turned out for Robert Downey, Jr.
  2. Vanessa Paradis is the new face of the H&M Conscious Collection - perfect choice!
  3. An exhibit dedicated to the beautiful costumes from Anna Karenina will be open in Richmond's Ham House until April 4th.
  4. Kate Hudson is set to make her design debut for Ann Taylor - looking forward to seeing her collection!

  1. I'm currently obsessed with the Jason Natural Biotin Conditioner - it's doing wonders for my weary winter hair, it smells great and a touch of mint makes it very refreshing on tired mornings!
  2. I received the I Love... Blueberry & Smoothie Lip Balm in a gift bag. Normally I don't like flavored lip balms as they tend to make me sick if they're too sweet, but this one is nice. I'm looking forward to trying other flavors!
  3. Another gift bag goodie, I tried out Models Own Nail Polish in Hayley's Comet this week. It's an iridescent shade of coral pink. It's not really a great color for me, but it's not bad. It's worth a try if you like iridescent nail polishes.
  4. Joico Structure Foundation is a great product I've been using this week! Spray it on your hair just after a shower before blowdrying and it detangles the hair. It's similar to B&B Tonic and a lovely product. I definitely recommend it. (c/o Eleven Hair)

  1. I had the opportunity to try out Nottage Hill Chardonnay Brut and it's a lovely, smooth alternative to Champagne, which can be a bit pricey. I'm a fan!
  2. Leerdammer is my new favorite cheese! Need I say more? The Lightlife version is nice too!
  3. Auchentoshan is a single malt Scotch whiskey I sampled last week and as far as whiskeys go, it's a smooth, gentle one that's great for beginners. 
  4. Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter is the best chocolate bar I've had in a long time... I'm addicted!


  1. I finally saw Cosmopolis. I was disappointed.
  2. Thanks to the lovely folks at Echo Falls I attended the National TV Awards on Wednesday. The highlight of the evening included meeting Joanna Lumley - you may know her as Patsy from AbFab. After my friend Charlie told her I had dressed up as Patsy for a party last year she responded by saying, "How wonderful! Shall we have a photo? Make a face!" LOVE HER! She later accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award and her speech was lovely. It was an amazing night!
  3. In other Patsy news, the following day Joanna Lumley confirmed that an AbFab film is in the works! This is the single best piece of news I've had all year. "Lacroix dahling Lacroix!"
  4. I'm a little fascinated by Chernobyl, so it was a no-brainer that I would rent Chernobyl Diaries. It wasn't that great, but if you enjoy the odd cheesy horror film, it's a bit of a giggle.
  5. On the musical front, I'm loving Night Beds right now - have a listen to Ramona, which (along with 9 other new songs this week) is added this week to the Weekly Tune-up playlist on Spotify.
I hope you all have a great weekend!


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