Monday, January 14, 2013

Risky Business at the Golden Globes

If you're going to take a risk, this is how you do it! Go big or go home! This is my list of best fashion risk takers at the Golden Globes and Lucy Liu tops that list! Wearing a floral print ball gown by Carolina Herrera, Lucy Liu completed the look perfectly with delicate drop earrings and a vintage style side braid. Daring, but gorgeous!

I've been moaning all day about shorter dresses at the Golden Globes, but there are exceptions to every rule and this is one of them! If you're going to raise your hemline on a major awards ceremony red carpet, you'd better be making a statement! Marion Cotillard does just that in Custom Dior. Everything from the waistline to the asymmetry to the simple hair & make-up comes together to make this look not only beautiful, but boldly fashionable. This wouldn't have been my choice, but I applaud Marion for taking the risk and bringing something interesting to the table!

Neon rarely works well from head to toe, but Gabby Douglas proved this theory wrong. It's risky for sure, but it works because she chose a gown with a simple design and broke up the neon with silver accessories. I love the little pop of pink on the clutch too - so fun!

Bold florals and lots of skin is a look that very few people can pull off and Halle Berry is one of them.

It's hard to wear head to toe metallic without looking like a teapot, but Emily Mortimer took the risk and  the result was high watt glamour! Why does this work? Because she keeps everything else simple from hair & make-up to her basic black clutch.

Julianne Moore went for a monochrome geometric 60's inspired look complete with beehive hairdo in Tom Ford. Words can't even describe this look... It's everything!

Kelly Osbourne has taught us... If you're going to wear purple hair on the red carpet, make sure your gown is a complimentary color. Risky, but it works!

I've heard people say they loved Sienna Miller's Erdem dress just as much as I've heard people say they hate it. There's a lot going on here and I think she took a big risk when she walked the red carpet in this dress. The 3-D floral alone is out of the ordinary, but pair it with a 60's column style and it's definitely out of the ordinary. I have to say, I love the look, but I could have done without the 3-D flowers... They cheapen the look a bit.

What risky red carpet looks did you love from the Golden Globes?


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