Monday, January 14, 2013

The Golden Girls of the Golden Globes

These days, we're hardly shocked to find out a 22 year old is getting her first round of Botox and age concerns seem to be more commonplace in younger women every day. It's refreshing to see that many of the best dressed celebrities from last night's Golden Globes red carpet are in their 40's and even more so to see some of them are in their 60's! I wanted to pay special tribute to some of the women from the red carpet who look natural and beautiful at their age - they give me hope that I might be able to age gracefully without needles and surgeries and still be an elegant hottie in my golden years. So this post is dedicated to the women who defied the restraints of age and displayed amazing style at the Golden Globes!

Helen Mirren is 67 years old, but she always looks gorgeous, modern, classy and hip on the red carpet. I love that she still goes for it at her age and why shouldn't she? She is a beautiful, radiant woman and I hope I look as good as she does when I'm pushing 70!

At 65 years old, Glenn Close is as classy and elegant as they come. Because she chooses gowns that eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive, she always looks fabulous. Who says you can't have fun with fashion in your 60's? Girlfriend is sporting loads of cocktail rings and color pop earrings!

Now 66 years old, Sally Field stole the hearts of Americans as Gidget in the 60's and she hasn't given them back since. I am a huge fan of Sally Field and I've loved watching her grow older with grace and style. Her navy gown is beautiful on her and her bangs are youthful and fun without her looking like she's trying too hard to be younger than she is.

Paving the Way...

The next two ladies aren't quite 'golden' just yet...

Helen Hunt is 49 years old. How many women do you know who start dressing like grannies as they start pushing 50? I love that Helen doesn't seem to change much as she gets older, at least with her style. She hasn't rushed out for a shorter haircut or started wearing pantsuits everywhere. The dress she's chosen for the Golden Globes could easily be worn by a young starlet, but Helen gives it a sense of maturity and grace. I love that. Well done!

At only 45 years old, Connie Britton is the youngest lady on this list. She's rocking a beaded, strapless column dress and a stack of bangles with ease. The reason I've included Connie Britton on this list is her hair. Connie should be the poster child for why women don't have to cut their hair as they reach their 40's. Someone recently said to me that she wants to have hair down her back when she's old instead of a short grandma haircut. I feel the same.

What older celebrities do you look up to for their amazing style?


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