Monday, February 4, 2013

Ashley's Fashion Week Survival Kit

Fashion Week is fabulous, but it's also exhausting and hard work... In fact, depending on how busy your schedule is during Fashion Week, it could be considered and extreme sport. Being prepared is essential... These are some of the things you'll find in my bag during London Fashion Week!

  1. I can't go anywhere without my iPhone and during fashion week, a wristlet case is ideal like this one by Kate Spade. I have a similar style in neon pink that I'm sure I'll have on my person at all times to keep me hands free when I'm not actually using my phone.
  2. During Fashion Week, an iPad is invaluable since you can do just about everything on it that you can do on a laptop with a little patience and a few gadgets. I made the mistake of carrying my laptop around for a couple of days during LFW last year and it just exhausted me. A functional, cute case is essential too and I'm loving this one from One Kings Lane!
  3. It's impossible to take good photos inside the shows without the appropriate equipment. My camera of choice is the Nikon D7000.
  4. The Apple Camera Connection Kit allows you to upload photos from your camera right onto your iPad - the perfect accessory for blogging on the go!
  5. Notebooks come in handy for jotting down notes during shows and presentations and keeping track of your schedule. I am not someone who is happy with digital scheduling - I prefer to write it down, so rather than making the mistake of carrying around my heavy planner like I did last year, I picked up some adorable, very thin Liberty print notebooks for fashion and function.
  6. Sunglasses are essential! They hide all signs of hangovers, lack of sleep and a multitude of sins, not to mention that squinting isn't particularly attractive if the sun makes an appearance!
  7. It's a busy week and there's not always time to eat. Haribo is great for a snack/sugar dose to prevent feeling faint and a Berocca popped into a bottle of water provides a healthy energy and vitamin boost!
  8. Red Carpet Paris shoe inserts for aching feel in high heels on cobblestones for a week... nuff said.
  9. Queues can be long as can breaks between shows. I prevent boredom by having a book on hand. My choice for this year is Confessions of a Fashionista - it seems appropriate and it's small & lightweight.
  10. During Fashion Week business cards are essential as is a chic business card holder. I have a silver one similar to this adorable one by Kate Spade.
  11. Flats are essential - even if you're hardcore and refuse to wear them on the premises, they make the commute home a bit more bearable at the end of the day. I tend to stuff my Tory Burch Reva's into a bag because they're flat, but foldable flats by CitySlips are a great idea!
  12. Beauty arsenal is a must, especially with unpredictable weather, running between shows and very long days. NARS Lip Gloss in Scandal, Avene Thermal Water, Kiehl's Mint Lip Balm, Boscia Blotting Linens, a mirror and Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo will be must-haves in my LFW make-up bag!
Have you ever attended a Fashion Week? What are your must-have essentials?



  1. I NEED the Apple Camera Connection Kit!! Such a genius idea... Thanks for sharing!!

    Have fun at Fashion Week, lucky duck!!

    xoxo Britt


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