Monday, February 4, 2013

Healthy Bites - Paleo Dark Chocolate Nut Clusters

I have been making a fierce effort to get back on track with my diet and fitness routine. I have done so well in the past, but for the last while I've just been a mess, skipping the gym and eating anything that's fast and easy. One of my offenders is my vicious sweet tooth - I'm the worst for buying candy bars and noshing on them regularly. My more recent biggest fear is that my penchant for sweets is going to result in Diabetes when I'm older... Terrified by this prospect!

I found this recipe for Paleo Dark Chocolate Nut Clusters on Fitsugar and it's a great alternative to store bought candy bars for so many reasons. I'm not on the Paleo Diet, but  I've been reading tons about the benefits of newly acclaimed superfood dark chocolate and we all know how beneficial nuts and coconut can be to our diets. What's also great about these little treats is that I personally can't eat loads of them... The dark chocolate is too rich and the nuts make it quite a hefty little snack, so for me at least, there's no danger in sitting down with a whole bowl of these nut clusters. They're actually quite satisfying just one or two at a time.

Both Gluten-free and Vegan, the Paleo Dark Chocolate Nut Clusters are a snack that nearly anyone can enjoy and they only take about 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to set. Easy peasy! All you need is dark chocolate (I used a bar of plain dark baking chocolate - when I compared it to branded dark chocolate bars it had less calories and it's delicious), shaved coconut and almonds, though I'm sure you could use different nuts if you prefer.

Click here for the full recipe - happy snacking!

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