Friday, February 22, 2013

LFW - Design by Shanghai Event & Ji Cheng A/W 2013 at Fashion Scout

 Designer Ji Cheng speaking at the Design by Shanghai cocktail event.

At the cocktail reception for Design by Shanghai, a Shanghai Fashion Week Initiative at Fashion Scout, I was struck by something designer Ji Cheng said. To paraphrase, she said she loves London and everyone always says it rains all the time. But it's obvious to her that it rains here all the time because people have time to be inside, creating beautiful things. Her praise of London's creativity made her endearing to me from the start. Imagine the pleasant surprise when Ji Cheng's collection turned out to be as well-presented and lovely as she is.

Her aptly titled A/W 2013 collection "Koi's Whisper" is the stuff of dreams under the sea with models sporting sleek braids that were so slick they looked wet and bejeweled faces that reminded me of mermaids or the shiny gils of fish and how they reflect the light. The collection fuses modern and traditional seamlessly and after seeing my first Ji Cheng show, I understand why she's not only a big success in China, but also making a name for herself in London. I look forward to seeing more of Ji Cheng's beautiful work in the future!


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