Sunday, February 10, 2013

Songs for the Broken Hearted

I am well aware every day just how lucky I am to be in a happy marriage. Being single was fun while it lasted, but I wouldn't turn back for anything now... Every year around this time my thoughts go to those who've been dumped, wronged or are just plain unlucky in love. For any of you who aren't busy coupling these days, this is my Valentine to you... A modern day mix-tape of songs old and new, angry, sad & happy to chase away the blues!

The worst thing about Valentine's Day when your single or much worse recently scorned, is being subjected to sappy love songs on loop. They conjure up painful memories of happier times and make you feel downright miserable. My advice... Call up a friend, eat something fattening, do something fun and put these tunes on repeat! Your Valentine is on his way, he/she just hasn't found you yet. And as for the fella or gal who did you wrong... Well, having fun is the best revenge so don't waste any time! 


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