Thursday, March 28, 2013

Collars Up - The Ultimate Collared Shirt Round-up

 1. Baukjen / 2. Betty Barclay / 3. Baukjen

For most of my life I have shunned collared button-down shirts like a dirty disease. I just never felt like they looked good on me and for certain periods of my life, they didn't suit my personal style. Lately, there's been a collared shirt revolution going on in my closet. I can't get enough of all the great shirts out there these days and what's better is that they seem to come in every every possible color, print and price range. This is a simple staple that works for pretty much everyone.
 Row One: 1. Baukjen / 2. Oasis / 3. Topshop
Row Two: 1. Topshop / 2. White Stuff / 3. White Stuff

Different styles suit different body types making this style even more accessible. If you're slim, don't worry about it - just buy a shrunken style with darts that nip in what would be the extra bulk of the shirt. If you're not so slim, find a more relaxed fit style, or even poach a shirt from the men's section. Borrowing from the boys is easy when it comes to shirts, just be sure to find a style that fits properly in the shoulders and sleeves.
Row One: 1. Liberty for J. Crew / 2. Tory Burch / 3. Gap / 4. Brooks Brothers / 5. Gap
Row Two: 1. J. Crew / 2. Lee / 3. Banana Republic / 4. Gap / 5. Brooks Brothers

Now you may be thinking, why on earth would I be writing about long sleeve shirts just before we're about to get warmer weather? It's because I find most of my shirts to be perfect throughout the year. Wear sleeves long or rolled up.... With jeans, shorts, skirts or under sweaters. The perfect shirt will see you through just about anything.

So, what's your favorite shirt? 

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