Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Fashion File: Advice Tips and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of Mad Men by Janie Bryant with Monica Corcoran Harel

I received The Fashion File as a gift for my birthday last year... It's taken me this long to get stuck into it, but I've read the whole book in less than 24 hours. It's a quick, fun read and full of fashion history not to mention some amazing style tips.

What I loved about The Fashion File most is the attention paid to undergarments. Most stylists and fashionistas ramble on and on about how important your underpinnings are, but Janie Bryant (Emmy Award-winning Costume Designer) really focuses on undergarments describing them in detail. She even goes so far as to instruct you on how to measure yourself for a bra and provides a description of the three necessary bra styles every woman should have in addition to thongs, Spanx and all kinds of other goodies to give you the figure you've always wanted underneath your clothes.

Unlike many style books, The Fashion File isn't all about covering up your flaws. Janie Bryant takes a different approach that's much more positive - celebrating your most fabulous features. Instructing readers to choose something they love about themselves and focus on that is uplifting and makes dressing fun rather than a scientific experience in how to reduce the size of your thighs with fabric, prints and cuts. Something else that's unique about this book is the entire section dedicated to men's fashion. Whether you're a man or living with one, it's handy information about how to tie a bow tie, where trousers should break, colors that work well with different skin types and what collars look best.

Style secrets, shopping tips, vintage information and anecdotes from the set of Mad Men make this style book an original, uniquely told from the woman who's costumes have inspired culture, runway fashion and this generation's style habits by dressing everyone in the form of a curvy Joan, a slim & proper Betty, a striving to be perfect Trudy or a strange & motivated Peggy working from the inside out - from knickers to coats. I highly recommend The Fashion File for anyone who loves to shop, is always striving for the perfect personal style, is vintage obsessed, confused about menswear, interested in becoming a costume designer or just loves Mad Men and the 60's. 

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