Thursday, April 18, 2013

Exploring Borough Market

I have been meaning to go to Borough Market for years. The one time I was near there to go see Bridget Jones's apartment, it was closed, but I finally took the opportunity to go last weekend and despite the rain, it was a lovely day out.

I bought a wild boar smoked sausage from this seller and it was delicious!

 This seller had the most beautiful produce - I walked away with a bag full of oranges & lemons!

 Melting cheese for serving on potatoes...

I tried this tobacco chocolate - it was definitely an experience. 

I walked away with a bag full of beautiful food and spices and I spent about £18 - a pretty good day of bargains! I originally went to Borough Market in search of two things: fresh vanilla pods and saffron. I've been paying £2.75 per vanilla pod at grocery stores, so I was delighted to find someone selling 5 for £5 at the market. As for saffron... I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I'm intrigued by the spice that according to Jamie Oliver, is worth more by weight than gold.

If you ever find yourself visiting this fair city, I definitely recommend paying a visit to Borough Market. Have lunch and browse and stop into The Globe Tavern for a pint, the pub underneath Bridget Jones's flat. If you live in London, bookmark Borough Market for your hard-to-find culinary needs such as saffron, licorice root, specific cheeses, rare flavored chocolates, artisan olive oils and more.


  1. I love using saffron in dishes, whether infused into a dish or thrown in there for a luxurious touch like one treats truffle oil. Be sure to tell us how you used it... now I am going to eat a carrot stick, pretending it is a cheese-covered potato!

    1. Will definitely share when I use the saffron! Enjoy the carrot stick! xx

  2. As a foodie, I'm surprised you hadn't been before! Borough Market is a monthly must for me :) ELL x

    1. I know, sometimes time just gets away from me, but I've been trying very hard lately to make time for all the things I've been wanting to do. Will probably make it a monthly must as well!


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