Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fulham is for Foodies

On Saturday I had planned to go to Borough Market, but I didn't make it. So on Sunday, I decided to visit a market a little closer to home and ventured to New Kings Road to the Parsons Green Farmer's Market which is quite small, but absolutely lovely. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you live in Southwest London. I picked up some fantastic garlic and amazing cheeses, but there's so much more!

Just outside the market is a shop called Elizabeth King, which is actually a Bayley & Sage. It's basically heaven for foodies. I found all kinds of amazing things there: a wide variety of olive oils, a cheese selection that will knock your socks off and very exciting of course, Oscar Mayer American bacon!

Parson's Nose on Fulham Road is the nicest butchers I've ever been to. From fresh eggs to fillet steaks, I've never seen more beautiful, fresh, enticing food! You can also get this interesting duck inside a chicken situation, which looks pretty impressive and a wide selection of gourmet condiments & oils.

While you're shopping in Fulham for some absolutely brilliant fresh foods, don't forget to stop for lunch! My favorite restaurant in London, The Fulham Wine Rooms is right there on Fulham Road.

If you're still thirsty after lunch, do drop into The Brown Cow, my new favorite pub in the area. 

So fellow Londoners, do you have any favorite foodie spots for shopping, eating or drinking? I'd love to hear your recommendations so please feel free to leave a comment!


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