Monday, April 15, 2013

Right Now: Beauty, Foodie Films and Cheese

  1. I have recently been using the Rituals Spa Zensation Shower Foam and I have to say I really like it. It smells amazing and doesn't dry out my skin at all!
  2. I've been trying out the ESPA Skin Radiance Moisturizer for about 2 weeks and I'm rather pleased with the results. I love the texture of the moisturizer which isn't too heavy or sticky, yet it's sturdy enough to really moisturize my dry skin and keep it soft and smooth all day. 
  3. I've also been using the Rituals Spa Magic Touch Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream and it's a lovely product. I'm horrible about moisturizing my body out of a lack of time or an abundance of laziness, but this product smells so amazing and feels so lush that I want to use it after every shower. It's really lovely!
  4. I watched Food Inc. last week and it was super informative. I have known for quite some time that certain foods might not be what they seem, but if you're at all interested in healthy eating and knowing more about the food you consume, this film is a must-see!
  5. I picked up the Codminster Oak Smoked Cheddar last weekend and I've been noshing on it all week - it's an absolutely amazing cheese and well worth every penny if you're a fan of smoked cheeses!
  6. Forks Over Knives is another food documentary I saw last week. Documenting the careers of two doctors who prescribe plant-based whole foods diets for various ailments, it makes a striking case for becoming a vegetarian... It didn't convince me completely to give up meat, however it makes some interesting points about the effects of animal based proteins on our health.
What's on your radar this week?

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