Monday, April 22, 2013

Right Now - To Be Loved, Masterchef Predictions & Phoenix Rising

  1. Chorizo has recently become my new favorite food and I'm currently in love with Unearthed Spanish Cooking Chorizo! The Hungarian Spicy Pepperoni is also pretty amazing on pizzas or just to snack on! You can find Unearthed at Waitrose.
  2. The LUSH Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb is fab! I just used it for the first time, but I'll definitely be going back for more. It smells absolutely brilliant and who doesn't love a pampering bath now and then?
  3. I'm completely obsessed with Masterchef at the moment. I mean addicted, screaming at the tv, getting nervous obsessed. I'm currently on pins and needles about how it's all going to end. Something tells me Saira will win, but I'm really rooting for Natalie! Who do you want to win?
  4. The new Michael Buble album To Be Loved is great - I've added a few of the tunes this week to the Weekly Tune-up so be sure to check it out! My favorite track is Something Stupid which features Reese Witherspoon. Buble seems to be branching out a bit, which is fantastic - his duet with Bryan Adams is so different to what he normally does, but still great. 
  5. I've just started using Herbalife Radiant C Daily Skin Booster. It's too early to tell any kind of results, but so far I'm loving this product. It feels good to use it and it smells lovely - review to come later.
  6. I just started digging into Kitchen by Nigella Lawson and so far, I'm really loving this cookbook! The Cheesy Chilli recipe is amazing!
Don't forget to check out the Weekly Tune-up on Spotify! What's on your radar this week?

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