Friday, April 19, 2013

Monmouth Coffee at Borough Market

Having read about Monmouth Coffee in Timeout last week, my husband and I decided to include it in our day when we visited Borough Market. The queue was insane - people were lining up around the block for this coffee, but that being said, I think we only waited about 15 minutes, all the while being served samples of Brazillian espresso... Not too shabby!

What I love about Monmouth Coffee is what they stand for. Working with farmers and co-ops to build relationships, Monmouth sources coffee directly in an effort to create fair trade and sustainability. For me, knowing that about a company automatically makes their product taste better.

The coffee was really good! Don't expect to get your average non-fat milk latte - they only use whole milk, but it's worth the extra calories and grams of fat for the experience of a real coffee shop and a great cup of java!

With locations in The Borough, Covent Garden and Bermondsey, it's easy enough to fit Monmouth Coffee into your schedule. Don't worry about the inevitable line of people - it moves quickly!

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