Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Daily Style May 22, 2013 - What I'm Wearing to MINT Polo in the Park

  1. Phase Eight Dress
  2. Tory Burch Earrings
  3. Topshop Bag
  4. Barry M Nail Paint in 'Bright Red'
  5. Topshop Shoes
As you may have read earlier, I'm headed to MINT Polo in the Park next month to cover Ladies Day and I'm really excited! Polo is becoming my favorite sport, especially after learning to play last week. It's glamorous, yet accessible... Invigorating, yet completely understandable for someone who is new on the scene... Quite frankly, the best way I can describe it is champagne, hotties & horses! What fashionista wouldn't enjoy a sporting event that gives you the perfect excuse to buy a new dress?

Additionally, I haven't met a polo pal yet that I didn't like. People who work in polo or merely just enjoy the sport seem to be very outgoing, super nice and lots of fun. There's a real community feel amongst polo lovers and everyone from the star players & celebrities to the people in the cheap seats has something in common - they love the sport and the great day out.

For the first time ever on Pink Julep Daily Style, today I'm sharing a complete look that I'm planning to wear. I adore this maxi dress I picked up yesterday and it's perfect for polo because it can be worn with flats. Flats are essential for polo because you're walking around on grass and mud. Comfort is key and though some wear sandals, I think they're impractical for stomping of divots (Hello? There might be horse poo out there!). 

Click here for more information on Polo in the Park. For tickets or further information, visit the MINT Polo in the Park website and follow them on Twitter at @polointhepark.

If you're heading to Hurlingham for some polo action next month I'd love to know what you're wearing to the big day! 

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  1. Hey,
    beautiful dress!
    I love it!


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