Thursday, May 23, 2013

HPA Gaucho International Polo Tournament and After Party at the O2

Tuesday night I donned my new red dress and headed over to the O2 for the HPA Gaucho International Polo Tournament to see England face Argentina in what was in short an amazing match! Argentina beat England by just one point, but our boys (including my polo teacher from the Gaucho Polo master class, Captain Jamie Morrison) gave a great effort!

Players from both teams arrived on the field, each driving a different Maserati - it was a rather luxurious & dramatic entrance!

Unfortunately, after an accident at the St. Regis International Cup at Cowdray Park, Argentinian captain (aka the super gorgeous face of Ralph Lauren) Nacho Figueras was unable to play in the match, but it didn't stop the brute force of Argentina's amazing players! 

Two other matches as well as an Argentinian wine tasting took place during the night. During the breaks between matches, guests were treated to Tango performances with music by Tanghetto. 

The atmosphere at the HPA Gaucho International Polo Tournament was unlike any polo match I've seen before. The crowd was a little rowdier, the polo action was intense and seeing polo inside a stadium with all it has to offer is an entirely different experience all together. 

The After Party

After the polo match, guests gathered inside IndigO2 for the winner announcements, even more entertainment and to party with the polo players. 

Strictly Come Dancing's Vincent & Flavia performed the electric tango for party-goers. They are truly amazing dancers!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Gaucho Polo experience. Though it's amazing to watch polo from the comfort of a grassy field in the blazing sun, with the unpredictable weather here in London it's great to have this indoor option to look forward to every year. Everything was great from the announcers making an effort to explain what was happening to the buzzing vibe inside the arena as fans cheered and got excited!

Having learned to play polo with Captain Jamie Morrison just over a week before, I was delighted to have a better understanding of the sport this time around. I have to say, the highlight of the night for me was when Jamie told my slightly skeptical husband that I was actually quite good at polo for a first timer... Ego boosted, good time had by all and memories made! I will definitely be looking forward to attending Gaucho Polo again next year and I highly recommend it for anyone - it's a great night out!


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