Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Right Now: TV, Met Gala & Face Treatment Oil

Well, it's that time again - pardon the one day lateness of this post, but even bloggers deserve a day off on bank holidays. This is what's on the radar this week at Pink Julep!

  1. I've been enjoying House of Cards, a Netflix original starring Kevin Spacey, so I decided to give Hemlock Grove (also a Netflix original) a go, particularly because it stars Alexander Skarsgard's brother. Honestly, either I'm not getting it or it's not that great. Have any of you been watching it? Is it worth carrying on?
  2. I always look forward to seeing the photos from the Met Gala every year, but I'm a bit disappointed this time around... Worst dressed goes to Kim Kardashian. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? As if her dress wasn't bad enough and completely unflattering, add matching floral gloves to the mix and it's just wrong!
  3. I've been using a sample of the ESPA Replenishing Face Treatment Oil for about two weeks and I'm completely obsessed with this product. The ESPA oil smells amazing, feels amazing and I can tell such a difference in my skin. My dehydration lines aren't as bad as they were, my skin is less dry and my entire face feels as soft as a baby's bottom. I'm definitely buying this product as soon as my sample runs out! (c/o ESPA)
  4. When Dexter came out I was a little grossed out by the idea of it, but I just started watching the show on Netflix and now I'm hooked. I'm already on Season 2 and it's brilliant! If you've never seen it, it's definitely worth checking out!

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