Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Expats by Chris Pavone

Good, thrilling novels seem to be few and far between these days. You know, the ones that leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, engaged page after page. Constantly flipping from past to present, revealing only a little bit each time, The Expats by Chris Pavone kept me in suspense and wanting more, dragging me deeper and deeper into the story with every chapter. Chris Pavone is a master of dramatic teases, never giving away too much, leaving the big reveals until the very end, without boring the reader along the way.

The Expats is about Kate who has a secret life, one that she's been keeping under wraps for over a decade from everyone, including her husband. When Kate and her husband Dexter upro their lives to live as expats in a tax haven, everything changes. They have a lot more money, they're part of a niche expat community and they rarely see each other because of Dexter's work schedule. It's a huge adjustment for Kate who's always worked and now finds herself a full-time mom doing school runs, attending lavish expat parties, sorting out the home herself and spending her afternoons as a lady who lunches. When a new American couple arrives, Kate begins to fear for the safety of her secret and her family... Until she discovers that hers may not be the only secret. Perhaps everyone around her is keeping secrets and this sets her on a mission to not only find out what's going on, but to ensure the protection of her family and herself.

I really enjoyed The Expats. It's a unique twist on classic suspenseful thrillers, however the way it's written really makes it a page-turner. Kate is an admirable, intelligent, powerful female heroine - I found myself rooting for her throughout the novel. I definitely recommend reading The Expats, especially if you're a crime drama junky like me!

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