Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fabulous Finds - A Fierce Start to the Day

Ashley Brooke Designs always turns out such adorable clobber whether it's personalized stationery, t-shirts or fabulous prints that are totally frame-worthy, but right now I'm quite smitten with these tongue-in-cheek mugs! Coffee or tea, doesn't matter... Having a mug that defines your mood is priceless and essential!

I love these mugs for everything, whether it be daily use, a cute addition to your desk or to break out when girlfriends pop round for a cup of tea. That said, how fabulous would these be as gifts? $23 for one or you can grab a whole set for $66... Throw in a few fancy teabags wrapped in a piece of tulle with a ribbon and stash these cuties in your gift closet. You'll be glad you did when you're in desperate need of a hostess gift, forget a pal's birthday or have unexpected guests during the holidays!

And just so your mister doesn't feel left out, add this one to your shopping cart too... 


  1. Would love one of these for work, always use ugly free ones I got at a conference.

    1. It's entirely possible she ships internationally :-D xx


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