Monday, July 1, 2013

Fresh, Local & New - Coopers #Riverfood

Phil Cooper 

We often turn our noses up when it is suggested that we eat something from a river as though it's a second rate source of food, however there are over 125 edible fish swimming in the river waters around the UK. Since we're all told that fresh and local is best, it's about time we started taking advantage of the diverse supply of seafood, or shall I say #Riverfood that can be found right on our doorsteps.

That's exactly what chef Phil Cooper alongside Arno Marsman and Andrea Britton of Coopers Restaurant Consultants are aiming to do with Coopers #Riverfood, a culinary event that's sure to introduce new and exciting flavors. Having previously worked in kitchens of establishments such as The Waterside Inn, Claridges & The Mirabelle, Cooper's river-centric menu employs food sourced mainly from rivers across the UK, including the Thames Estuary.

Coopers #Riverfood is taking place on the MV Royalty at Festival Pier on 21st July serving food from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. The tickets are currently on sale and only £24.95. To purchase tickets, click here.


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