Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Life's a Beach

I don't have a beach house... I don't even live directly riverside (3 blocks from the River Thames, not that I'm counting), but I've always found a nautical approach to home decor calming and appealing. The marriage of light blues and white with navy accents is as relaxing as it is chic and using light colors where possible makes a room look bigger (or so my mom says). I don't buy into any one theme of a home - it's not a theme park and shouldn't look like one, but I do love little touches here and there of something that speaks to the resident's interests.  I love to add a hint of seaside fancy to my flat whenever possible and though I live in a city, I find it's a nice contrast to the hustle & bustle right outside my door. Mixing hints of a sailing motif with my already eclectic mix of this & that collected through the years gives my home a well-rounded feel, while still allowing me to enjoy a that beach house look I love so much. It may seem a bit gauche, but if the hip & trendy in New York City can put moose heads on their walls, then certainly I can have an anchor lamp or a beach sign... Pretty please?

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