Monday, August 12, 2013

Are You a Zoe or a Lemon?

I've been catching up on Hart of Dixie lately and I have to say, I absolutely love this show! It's not ground-breaking by any stretch - definitely not one to look for during awards season, but it's fun, funny and the clothes are amazing!

I often find my own personal style is a toss-up between the metropolitan New Yorker look of Dr. Zoe Hart and the softer, more romantic, slightly preppy Southern belle look of Lemon Breeland. Both of these characters are so stylish - quite possibly the most stylish characters on television at the moment  and great for wardrobe inspiration.

Dr. Zoe Hart - Fast-talkin New York City doctor, all around metropolitan girl about town...

Shopping List
  1. Shorts, mostly in black
  2. Interesting high fashion heels, sandals & booties
  3. Jackets, preferably cropped in boucle, tweed and leather - mostly dark colors
  4. Big statement earrings
  5. Sheer blouses, mostly white or cream
  6. Bodycon dresses
  7. Hardware-heavy black & brown it-bags

Lemon Breeland - Graceful Southern belle, born & raised in Bluebell, Alabama, socialite & doctor's daughter.

Shopping List
  1. Lots of pretty dresses in lights, brights or tasteful metallics
  2. Cardigans
  3. Silk blouses
  4. Preppy patterned or exquisitely tailored trousers
  5. Jackets - boucle & tweed in ladylike styles (think Coco Chanel or Jackie O)
  6. Interesting, but delicate heels and flats
  7. Ladylike structured bags
  8. Red lipstick
  9. Pearls

So... Are you a Zoe or a Lemon? 


  1. I am a Lemon! I love Hart of Dixie!

    1. Me too! It's like my favorite show lately and the clothes are just gorgeous don't you think? x

  2. I think my personality is more like Zoe, but my fashion right now skews towards Lemon. I honestly am on a weight-loss kick and I hope to add a lot more edge to my looks in a Zoe-style vein this Fall! What an original post, I loved reading it and found it super-inspiring.


    1. Know exactly what you mean! Good luck with the fitness kick! x


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