Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daily Style August 20, 2013 - Wear It Now, Wear It Later

With the exception of a few maxi dresses that only look good with sandals in sunny weather, I pretty much wear most of my dresses year-round. With that in mind, most of the time when I'm shopping for a dress, I'm thinking about whether or not it will look good with bare legs or tights - and if so, which tights.  Will it go with boots, sandals, ankle boots and heels? Cardigans, jackets, etc.? When I saw the Mango dress above the first thing I thought was, that would look great with booties and sandals! Pictured above is how I would wear this dress now... 

With the simple addition of a structured cardigan, tights and booties, this dress that looks so great during the summer becomes the perfect Autumn/Winter dress. Presto change-oh! 

So, which look do you like better?

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