Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gaucho Richmond Jameson Silent Cinema Club

On Friday nights this Summer, Gaucho Richmond is putting its terrace to good use with the Jameson Silent Cinema Club. Last Friday the lovely folks at Gaucho invited me to check out this fun new event and I can definitely recommend it for something different on a Friday night!

I started out with dinner before since the films start at 10:30pm and I love the food at Gaucho so much, but you don't have to do that. The Silent Cinema Club features a themed menu to go along with the film on the evening.

To make the experience interactive, a selection of themed drinks is presented to each guest. When you reach the part of the film that corresponds with a drink, the MC will hold up a paddle next to the screen indicating it's time to take a swig.

The film I saw was Snatch. The themed drinks were Goldschlager Diamond Shot, Brick Top Bacon Shot, Turkish White Russian, Bloody Bloody Mary, Bullet Tooth's Baby Guinness and Pikey's Champagne.

Guests are given wireless headsets to hear the movie which is shown on a big screen outside. At first I thought this would be weird, but it was actually great. We were given blankets too to take away the chill while we watched a great cult classic riverside and under the stars!

There are two more screenings on the calendar including Taxi Driver on Friday, August 16th and Resevoir Dogs on Friday, August 23rd. The Jameson Silent Cinema Club at Gaucho Richmond is perfect for a date night or a fun night out with friends. Great films, great food and fun drinks, it's definitely something different for Summer Friday nights and a great way to enjoy a clear night in London by the river.

Bookings are essential for the Gaucho Silent Cinema Club, so to reserve your spot, get in touch with Managing Partner Daniel Smith by calling 0208 948 2882 or e-mailing

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