Thursday, August 22, 2013

She's Back! Clarissa Explains it All... Again

Children of the 90's rejoice! Our favorite childhood fashionista (who has an opinion on everything) is making a comeback, this time as the heroine in a novel titled Things I Can't Explain, as reported by The Huffington Post.

I don't know about you, but Clarissa Darling was probably my second style icon, the first being Punky Brewster. No joke, I actually put both shows on YouTube recently to introduce my husband to the fabulous girls that started my obsession with my closet only a few weeks ago. It's no surprise that Clarissa would be revisited now... Remember about 10 years ago or so when everyone suddenly became obsessed with the 80's? And in the 90's we were all obsessed with the 70's... We seem to be in a cycle of nostalgia and for all intents and purposes, the 90's are back!

As a tween I had a constant loop of Clarissa Explains it All, House of Style, Blossom, Clueless, MTV and Jeanne Becker's Fashion Television going in my room all the time. I arranged and rearranged my closet multiple times (some things never change) and regularly raided the closets of everyone in my family, putting together outfits that made my Southern mother cringe, but would make Clarissa Darling proud. Hipster glasses, statement jewelry, biker shorts (the leggings of the 90's), funky hats (even the ones like Blossom wore in multiple colors) and mix-matched patterns were the focus, inspired by the tween who made it fashionable to be well... fashionable.

Back in the 90's, it seemed that Clarissa's style was a little crazy - outlandish even. It's kinda funny how now, if you plucked her out of the TV and dropped her on Oxford Street, Clarissa Darling would fit right in, from her oversized men's shirts right down to her neon colored tights!

I for one am very excited about the return of Clarissa. The book, which will be written by the creator of the show Mitchell Kriegman, will follow our favorite know-it-all as she explores life in her mid-20's. I'll definitely be reading it... Will you?

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