Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tea at the Ampersand Hotel Drawing Rooms

It may be hard to believe, but I have lived in London for nearly 3 years and visited the city once 10 years ago, but I just had my first proper British tea over the weekend, thanks to the generous team at the Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington.

Tea is served daily from 2:30pm to 5:30pm for both hotel guests and locals to enjoy. Located in the beautifully decorated Drawing Rooms, it's a great way to spend time with family or catch up with friends while enjoying one of Britain's finest traditions.

Stepping into the Drawing Rooms at the Ampersand Hotel is like walking off the streets of London (rainy in my case) into a magical place full of color and delightful confections. My guest actually compared it to the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland. It's beautiful, bright and immaculately decorated... There were so many pieces in the rooms I would love to have in my home.

Tea at the Ampersand starts with, well... Tea! I chose the Lemon Verbena tea while my guest chose a classic Earl Grey. Perfect attention was paid to refill our teapots regularly, which made for a really relaxing, enjoyable time.

At the suggestion of our server, we chose to enjoy one Classic and one Albertopolis - each offering variations of relatively the same types of food. Both were delicious! Presented on 3 tier traditional towers, the bottom is savory, the middle is scones with clotted cream & jam and the top is pastries. Yum!

I absolutely loved my first tea experience at the Ampersand Hotel Drawing Rooms! It was beautiful, tasty and incredibly chic. My guest and I sat for about an hour and a half chatting, tasting and sipping the way only good girlfriends can while surrounded by the most beautiful decorations and tempting pastries! Would you believe that this tea date was also my first introduction to scones? I'm now totally in love with scones and clotted cream, something I never thought I would enjoy.

I highly recommend Tea at the Ampersand. Located just steps away from South Kensington tube station, it's the perfect resting spot after a trip to the Victoria & Albert Museum! To book a spot for tea, call +44 0207 591 4414 or e-mail drawingrooms@ampersandhotel.com.  


  1. How magical! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I cannot imagine how fun that was!

    1. Hi Shasta, thanks for your comment! If you ever come to London, maybe we could go there for tea! :-) xx

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  2. An authentic British tea sounds amazing! I'm a little envious over here. Thanks for sharing, and fantastic blog!

    1. Thanks Chris! So lovely to hear from you - come visit and we'll go for tea! x

  3. Wow, you've lived in London all that time and only been twice? And you're only just discovering scones too? They're yummy, aren't they? x


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