Monday, September 9, 2013

About Time

When I first saw the trailer for About Time I was skeptical... I mean, how many films about time travel starring Rachel McAdams are we supposed to endure? The only thing that caught my attention was Bill Nighy who is an amazing actor. I'll pretty much watch anything - he's a favorite!

I'm happy to admit that I was incredibly wrong! About Time is the best movie I've seen since Silver Linings Playbook and it's nice to see Working Title back at what they do best - British rom-com dramedies! About Time definitely deserves a spot on you DVD shelf right next to Love Actually, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones, About a Boy and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

The story centers around Tim (played by Domhnall Gleeson), a young man from a quirky family in scenic Cornwall. His mum considers the Queen to be her style icon, his sister is a wild hippy who can't be tamed and loves purple and his dad (played by Bill Nighy) retired at 50 so he could spend his days reading, playing endless games of ping pong and spending time with his family. They also have a strange uncle who lives with them and every day looks like a scene out of the British version of a J. Crew catalog... They are a happy family, but like all good things, their little bubble has to end when Tim moves to the big city of London after turning 21 years old and coincidentally finding out he has the ability to time travel.

While living in London, Tim meets Mary (played by Rachel McAdams) and begins building his life. All the while, Tim begins to learn about time and how his special gift comes with consequences and hard choices he has to make. 

Funny, charming, heart-breaking and all-together lovely, About Time is a movie that is well... About time. How we spend it, its importance, its consequences, how there's never enough of it... I left the cinema with a wee tear in my eye, but more importantly, with a serene feeling of contentment because this film is a reminder that life is a gift and every moment we have here on earth, no matter how ordinary, is indeed extraordinary. 

All of the performances in About Time are brilliant! I watched this film thinking that in the nearly 3 years since I moved to London, I've met someone just like every single character in the movie. I think it captures the spirit of London perfectly and it was fun to watch scenes that were filmed in places that I go to all the time!

I highly recommend About Time for everyone. I recommend it even more for anyone who's feeling tired, burnt out or frustrated. It truly is the feel-good movie of the year and inspirational beyond expectation. But if for no other reason, it's a giggle and has a great soundtrack of 90's songs that will take you back for sure! It's also the perfect date night movie in case you have any big dates in the books...

Have you seen About Time? I'd love to know if you loved it as much as I did!

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