Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Documentary Overload - 5 Must See Films

I've been watching a fair amount of documentaries lately and a few that I've seen were really entertaining! These are 5 documentaries worth watching!

1. Tabloid centers around Joyce McKinney, an American beauty queen who became famous when she followed her Mormon boyfriend to London and was then arrested for allegedly kidnapping and raping him. She was so famous at one point that she upstaged major celebrities on red carpets in London. Joyce herself is interviewed in the film as well as members of the British press and what they found out about her was shocking! Not only that, but she later became a hermit and cloned her dog... Tabloid is well worth watching and highly entertaining!

2. If you live in the US, you may have seen the television show Catfish, but did you know it was based on a documentary film? Catfish begins with a description of Abbey, a young girl who is a bit of a prodigy that got in touch with a New York City journalist and painted some of his photographs. Nev, the journalist soon becomes rather entangled with Abbey and her family and after some time, he begins to see that things aren't quite what they seemed. Catfish is incredibly relevant in this digital day and age, not to mention a reminder that what we see online may not always be what it seems.

 3. The Bridge is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it's a well-done film that's totally worth watching even though it has haunted me for days afterwards. More people commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco than any other place in the world according to this film. The Bridge chronicles the suicides and attempted suicides of several people by interviewing their families and friends as well as with video footage of the events themselves. Yes, be warned - there is film footage of people jumping to their deaths. When I saw the first one, I yelped a bit... It's hard to watch, but sheds a little light on a controversial subject that plagues many families and individuals in the world.

4. Unraveled follows Marc Dreier in the days following his arrest for fraud - he was on trial around the same time as Bernie Madoff for similar crimes. Defrauding investors and hedge funds out of millions of dollars, Dreier used the money to build a legal empire, making him a very rich and powerful man. What's sad is that he did it at the cost of missing out on his children's lives while he is in prison for 20 years. I did get angry watching this film, but it's very interesting, especially if you're fascinated by shows like American Greed like I am.

5. Vidal Sassoon the Movie opens the door on quite possibly the most influential man in the hair and beauty industry. I had no idea Sassoon was such a renaissance man until I saw this film. He was a hair dresser, television host, practiced yoga... There's no end to what he's done. With interviews with Grace Coddington, Mary Quant and more, this films tells the story of Sassoon's life from being so poor he had to live for a few years in an orphanage to how he came to be the visionary who changed hairstyles forever. You don't even have to care about hair and beauty to be inspired by this man - his life story is extraordinary!

Have you seen any great documentaries lately? I'm always looking for some recommendations!

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