Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fabulous Finds - Duepunti Diamond Silicone Bangles

Just when you think you've seen a diamond displayed just about every possible way it can be, someone comes along and presents you with a game changer... This time it's Duepunti with their Diamond Silicone Bangles. The bangle itself is silicone, which comes in a crazy amount of colors, each one featuring a diamond set in sterling silver. I love the idea of snatching these up in a variety of colors to create one seriously colorful, blinging arm party! At only £70 each, these little zingers are the perfect way to give a young girl her first piece of diamond jewelry without her looking too grown-up too soon... And how sweet would it be to add a new color to her collection each year? For those of us who are already grown, these are lovely (if not slightly indulgent) stocking stuffer options and if you're buying it for someone special, why stop at one? Three is a much rounder number, don't you think?

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