Friday, October 11, 2013

Soda Stream Cocktail Night

I had never had a Sodastream or even used one before when they contacted me to see if I'd be interested in trying the new Sodastream Source. Intrigued, but a little skeptical I accepted the offer and I'm glad I did! The Sodastream Source is so handy, not to mention fun. I've been 'gettin busy with the fizzy' like crazy ever since it arrived and I even pulled it out for a cocktail evening with friends recently and let them have a go at making their own tonic - it was a lot of fun!

The folks at Sodastream sent me the new Sodastream Source model to try along with a selection of flavors: Tonic, Elderflower & Pink Grapefruit.

The Sodastream Source comes with the machine itself, a CO2 canister and a selection of sample sized flavors to try.

The Tonic is great if you're making G&T's, but my favorites on a day-to-day basis are the Cherry & Sugar-free Pink Grapefruit. They are super tasty and rather handy for forcing myself to drink water when I just can't stand the thought.

The CO2 canister is really what makes this work. Basically, you carbonate the water, which you can drink as is if you like. It's also worth noting that you can carbonate the water as much or as little as you like - there are three measurement settings to let you know how much carbonation you've put in.

However, if flavor is your game, you then slowly pour a measured amount of flavor syrup into the tilted bottle of carbonated water, put the cap on and shake gently to mix. Et voila! You have soda at your fingertips and it keeps you from having to store a lot of sodas in your fridge or kitchen. For someone like me who lives in a small city flat, this is such a convenience. The machine itself is sleek and slim, taking up very little space. Again, a total winner!

 Sugar-free Pink Grapefruit Sodastream Soda

After trying out the Sodastream myself, I decided to create a little bar when our friends came over last weekend. We were on our way to a Gatsby themed party, so I thought it only made sense that we should at least have some 'Bathtub Gin' drinks before we headed out with our dinner.

Gin & Tonic's using Sodastream Tonic were the hit of the evening, however I'm looking forward to trying out some other recipes using the Sodastream in the future!

Another really great thing about the Sodastream Source is that the bottle is BPA free.

Many thanks to the team at Sodastream - I'm now officially a convert! The Sodastream Source is available online directly from Sodastream


  1. I love Sodastream. My parents have one and it is quite useful for cocktail hours!


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