Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday Host & Hostess Gifts

When you're visiting friends for dinner, tea or a party, it's always nice to bring a little something for the host or hostess to thank them for their efforts.  This is especially true during the holidays when visits tend to be a bit more formal. It's always my personal policy to steer clear of flowers as a gift for my host because it requires the person to scramble around for a vase. I'm also not a fan of bringing wine unless specifically asked by the host because people's wine tastes vary and it doesn't feel like much of a thank-you. Many times the person who's hosting has already selected wines and drinks specific to the event, so bringing them a little something they can enjoy otherwise is a safe bet. I love bringing people niche teas, coffee table books, candles, tea towels or stationery… These are my picks for fun & interesting host & hostess gifts to give this holiday season at a variety of price ranges!
  1. The Wolseley Lemon Verbena Tea - $8.99 London tradition at home...
  2. Fauchon Ultimate Tea Gift Set - £59.99 For an exciting tea experience, this beautiful box contains hourglasses to help users get the perfect brew!
  3. Lanvin Illustrated Playing Cards - £58.90 Poker just got a lot more chic!
  4. Collitali Salt of the World Kit - $39.99 Foodies & home cooks will love this!
  5. To Dry For Lemons Tea Towel - £12.95 A tongue-in-cheek bar or kitchen accessory… You can never have too many tea towels!
  6. Fishs Eddy Strip Tea Dishtowel - £14.95 Cute & cheeky for anyone, but an especially fun gift for a male host, especially one who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. 
  7. In the Spirit of the Hamptons by Kelly Killoren Bensimon - £30 I love the idea behind this book - an inside peek into the exclusive summer in the Hamptons lifestyle!
  8. Glasses Seven Year Pen - £6.95 The huge cartridge in this eco-friendly Swiss-made pen makes it last for seven years and it's super cute!
  9. Dyptique Limited Edition Insolite Candle - £45 The unique collaboration between two favorites Liberty of London and Dyptique makes this limited edition candle really special - the perfect gift!
  10. Lobster Note Card Set - £13.50 - Designed by Alexa Pulitzer, these adorable notecards are a great gift for any stylish host or hostess!
  11. SKEEM Bee Butterfly Matches - $5.95 If you're bringing a candle to your host or hostess, these matches are the perfect compliment!
  12. Dyptique Pine Bark Mini Candle - $25 The perfect scent for Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays and the beautiful green jar is the upmost in festive chic. Pretty enough for a female host, but masculine enough for a male one too.

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