Monday, November 4, 2013

Popping Up - The Juicery at 108 Marylebone

Left: Smoothies created by celebrity doctors & nutritionists
Center: Ginger, Lemon & Cayenne Shot
Right: Juices & Blends
Founder of The Juicery

There's a new pop-up in town and this one is super healthy! Jumping on the juicing trend bandwagon, 108 Marylebone is home to a pop-up version of The Juicery until the end of January. Not only serving juices, but teaming with 108 Marylebone chefs on the menu as well on dishes like Chia Seeds Pudding, this collaboration is aiming to help both hotel guests and locals live a healthier lifestyle in a super tasty way!
Guest Speaker and Vogue UK Contributing Editor, Calgary Avansino

I have always been a fan of fruit smoothies, but if I'm being honest, I've been a tad bit skeptical of the juicing trend in the past. I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised when I really enjoyed a ginger, lemon & cayenne shot. I also tried a juice that had 2 shots of espresso in it for those who just can't give up their coffee… Apparently it only has to be as extreme as you want it to be, but as we learned from Calgary Avansino, as much good stuff as you can put in your body, all the better… If it's too expensive or inconvenient, just start with a little bit. If you can't stand greens, hide them in a smoothy with flavors you love. A little bit is better than nothing, but obviously more is better.

Avansino also spoke to us about healthy eating. She made a very interesting point when she told us that  diet comes from the latin word Dieta, which can be translated as 'way of life,' a positive phrase, yet we often associate diets with a more negative form of punishment. Avansino broke down foods by groups and discussed what the body needs and wants, but more importantly, how we can get it. Good grains vs. bad grains and the benefits of cutting glutens, sugar, dairy and white starches from our diets. Avansino's major focus seems to be on greens and having an abundance of leafy vegetables during the day. She also spoke rather highly of nuts and other vegetables like courgettes, eggplant and celery.

Another major theme of the session was balance and the importance of not punishing yourself for enjoying your favorite treat now and then. Avansino admitted that she lets her kids have whatever they want when they go to birthday parties, but teaches them balance by asking them what kind of veggies they'd like for dinner when they get home. She pointed out that once her kids get stuffed with starchy, sugary cake and junk food, they're usually more than happy to eat something healthy at dinner because their bodies are craving it.

Jax Coco
I'm not sure I'd ever give up glutens or sugar completely unless I needed to for medical reasons, however I do like the idea of introducing more healthy foods into my diet and juices are a great start! I look forward to popping in to The Juicery at 108 Marylebone for healthy pick-me-ups on days when I'm running in heels through the city!


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