Thursday, December 12, 2013

Charleston Chews - What's Good to Eat in Charleston SC

The one thing about my visit to Charleston that truly stuck with me was how good I ate. Everything that touched my lips was delicious from sweets to barbecue. People who live there must enjoy eating all the time because there's plenty to choose from and it's all good! Here's my list of musts for eating and drinking in one of the South's most hospitable cities!

  1. Charleston Chew - One of my favorite treats as a kid, Charleston Chews can be found all over downtown Charleston in a variety of flavors. Created in 1922, the Charleston Chew is actually named for the dance, not the city… That said, the dance was named for the city, so the chew belongs in Charleston! Anyway, I've always loved the original, but the chocolate flavor is my new favorite. Yum!
  2. Kitchen 208 - Fabulously located on King Street where you can also find lots of fabulous luxury shopping, Kitchen 208 is a great place for lunch. Serving up a menu of traditional Southern sandwiches and other foods, this place is not to be missed if you're in the Charleston area! If the weather is warm you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor seating for the perfect afternoon.
  3. Sweet Tea is practically the nectar of the Gods in the South and therefore, you'll never get better sweet tea than in a city like Charleston. You can order it in every restaurant and even find it sold by the gallon in grocery stores. It might not be your 'cup of tea' [punn intended], but you can't visit the South without trying it… Required!
  4. City Lights Coffee serves up some beautiful brews on North Market Street… Dare I say it's the best coffee in Charleston? Hard to know since I didn't drink all the coffee in Charleston, but I bet it's pretty high on the list! 
  5. California Dreaming is a beautiful waterside restaurant located at 1 Ashley Point Drive with gorgeous views of Charleston, especially at night. What's even better is that the food is delicious! California Dreamin serves up a little bit of everything, so nosh on whatever you're in the mood for, sit back and enjoy the view.
  6. Sweetwater Cafe - Hands down the best food I've eaten in a long time and I basically ordered a cheese sandwich and fries! But it wasn't just any cheese sandwich… Somehow the bread had cheese fried onto it and was filled with at least 2 fingers of melted, delicious cheeses and served with the best fries ever. I practically licked the plate! Sweetwater serves a varied menu of foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, many Southern inspired, but all are tempting. Located at 137 Market Street, this charming restaurant looks as though it's been unaffected by time and change with it's old fashioned decor and posters of Elvis and Marlon Brando on the walls, but don't be fooled by its appearance - at my table of 8 people, all anyone could hear was the chomping and the oohing, awwing and moaning that comes as a complimentary side order to really good food!
  7. Bessinger's Bar-B-Q - I was on a mission for good barbecue while I was in Charleston and my dad suggested Bessinger's. It was solidified when I asked a lady in Walmart where she goes for BBQ. She was firm in saying that every person has their own favorite, but for her it had to be Bessinger's. That set us on our way and we weren't disappointed! The sauce isn't the red BBQ sauce we're all used to… It's yellow and mustard based, but it's delicious. I had the pulled chicken which was delightful as were the sides of cornbread and macaroni & cheese - YUM!
  8. Kilwin's (not pictured) is my family's favorite ice cream destination in Charleston, but sadly I didn't get any ice cream there because I couldn't get past the fudge. Selling fudge by the slab slice, Kilwin's offers a multitude of flavors such as Salted Caramel, White Chocolate and Peanut Butter alongside a heap of other mouth watering confections. You'll find it at 59 South Market Street, however you can also order many fabulous Kilwin's treats online!
  9. The Sunflower Cafe (not pictured) - An adorable little local spot on Ashley River Road, Sunflower Cafe is the perfect breakfast spot and you can tell when you walk in the door to find the place fully packed on a Sunday morning. Waitresses constantly refresh your coffee and you never have to ask. The food is downright Southern and as my granny would say, "so good it'll make ya smack your granny!" Well worth the very reasonable prices and the biscuits are positively to die for so do yourself a favor and order two!

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