Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fabulous Finds - Festive Feet

As the holidays approach our bellies fill with sweets, our stockings are filled with treats and with all the good things going on, unfortunately our feet tend to suffer from wearing heels all the time. This year, if you're cooking or entertaining, why not save your soles and wear a charming pair of festive flats instead? I'm currently obsessed with Chatelles (Are you listening, Santa?!?!) - they're beautiful, French, fun and lined with leather soles that feature a verse of poetry inside… What's not to love? It all started when a man fell in love with a woman and gave her a pair of shoes with a verse inside… Unfortunately for him at the time, she fell in love with the shoes and left him behind, but luckily for us, he then founded Chatelles. The collection comes in multiple colors and materials from patent leather to ostrich and they are shipped rather quickly worldwide. The really exciting part is that you can personalize them with a monogram or tassels. Charming to say the least!

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