Friday, January 31, 2014

Fabulous Finds - Match My Monogram

Here's how the story usually goes… You fell in love with something expensive and trendy, maybe an LV bag or one of those Tiffany heart necklaces everyone wore in 2002, so you threw a wad of cash at it, but that wasn't enough. You then had it monogrammed. A few years later you realized it wasn't really your thing anymore, but you can't sell it because it's monogramed so you feel obligated to keep it… After all, it was very expensive - maybe it will be back in style again soon. Or maybe it's the clothes you bought your baby, you know, the ones you spent a fortune on at some French children's boutique where Suri Cruise shops, but now baby's grown out of them and you can't even give them away because they're monogrammed. Still not you? What about all the china, glassware and silver you had monogrammed after your wedding? Shame it doesn't do you much good now that you've divorced and remarried someone with a different last initial. Snap. Or perhaps you're the entrepreneur who decided to start a small business (or a large one) selling monogrammed stock and you somehow ended up with 25 make-up bags you couldn't sell because no one seems to have the initials Z, Q or X. If any of these examples sounds like you, allow me to introduce you to Match My Monogram.

Match My Monogram buys and sells pre-loved and new items that are monogrammed. Whether it be a bulk stock from a retailer, Greek lettered goodies from fraternity & sorority folk or everyday items you had monogrammed that you used to love, but don't anymore for one reason or another. This is your opportunity to sell that monogrammed Louis you've been trying to unload - Match My Monogram will help you find a buyer. MMM ensures the quality of their stock and are rather particular about what they accept, so you don't have to worry about buying something sub-par. How great is that? You're welcome!

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