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Q&A With Nutritionist Amelia Freer

Unless nutritional therapy is something you've signed up for, the thought of meeting a nutritionist can be rather daunting… Will you be judged? Are your eating habits worse than you think? Is your diet completely wrong in every possible way and so disgusting that ridicule is inevitable? Can anyone tell that you don't eat vegetables enough just by looking at you? Will everyone else at the meeting be rail thin? It can certainly send the mind into a tailspin...

I'm happy to report that Amelia Freer was a breath of fresh air, free from judgement and full of great tips, tricks and suggestions for finding the best diet that works for an individual. 

The Juicery Newspaper
Freer began her career in nutrition 10 years ago after suffering from her own health problems that stemmed from a poor diet. She's now at the helm of Freer Nutrition (recently credited by Boy George as his weight loss secret). Freer described how she works, saying her usual programme addresses the following things: 1. Cleaning up the diet, 2. Nutritional supplements and 3. Movement (exercise). I was most impressed by Freer's recognition of the fact that everyone is unique and to be effective, you have to work with them.

As part of a series of talks at The Juicery pop-up in 108 Marylebone, Amelia Freer greeted journalists, bloggers and health enthusiasts to talk about nutrition. It was a great discussion, opened up to a Q&A session after a brief introduction and I learned so much! Here are a few tips I picked up about eating healthily:
  1. Educate yourself and your body to curb cravings and make your dietary changes automatic.
  2. Amelia expressed her belief that everyone should be gluten-free and recommended a book to me after the talk called The Grain Brain by David Pearlmutter, M.D. 
  3. When I asked Freer what she thought about diets that only last for a short period of time such as Beyonce's 22 day vegan challenge she suggested that only a few life long changes would have more lasting impact than 22 days of extreme changes.
  4. The best diet is predominantly plant based but also includes protein, about 3 servings of fruit per day and good fats such as coconut oil, nuts & seeds or oily fish.
  5. Freer doesn't eat dairy herself because she's intolerant, but when she has clients who must have it, she recommends organic dairy products.
Green Juice from The Juicery pop-up at 108 Marylebone 

When I asked about how I could get more vegetables in my diet without liking them, Freer suggested juicing, smoothies, soups and heavy flavoring to get me started. She suggested I mask the taste with strong flavors like garlic, coriander or pepper in savory foods and fruits in smoothies & juices until I could tolerate the tastes better.

This smoothie contains a whole serving of spinach!
The result? Today I had a full serving of spinach! Mind you, it came with probably 2 or 3 whole servings of fruit, a bit of honey, almond milk, chia seeds and some yogurt, but I'm okay with that for now - this is the first time I've ever ingested more than a bite spinach that I know of and I was able to tolerate it! Thanks to Amelia Freer's advice, I might just be on my way to a better diet! I'm seriously considering a juicer for my kitchen now so I can keep up the good work.

If you love healthy food, the pop-up Juicery at 108 Marylebone has been extended into February, so it's well worth a visit! I highly recommend the Lemon, Ginger & Cayenne Shot for a morning jolt - it's one of my favorite things ever. Also, check out Amelia Freer's blog - it's full of information and recipes to help you be the healthiest possible version of yourself!

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  1. Gluten really is the devil. Once you start being more active, you will crave less junk because you want more healthy fuel to keep you going. I stay away from "gluten free" junk like pizzas and muffins, even if they are healthy-ish, I dont want to be craving somethign that is otherwise very low in nutrition. Stick to proteins and veggies. Can't go wrong.


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