Friday, January 31, 2014

Snack Attack - Sun Bites

℅ Sun Bites
Since the New Year, I've really made a change in my eating habits - changes that I hope are for the better and for life. I've given up most sugar, incorporated more veggies into my diet and made a conscious effort to avoid junk food. I haven't given up wheat & glutens or dairy, but I've considerably limited both in my daily diet. I can report that I'm feeling better, sleeping better, no longer a victim of mid-day sleepiness and my jeans fit a little looser after less than a month of change. I'd say that's progress!

Though I'd love to say that I eat only a perfect diet of fish, berries and three salads a day, that's simply not true. I need snacks. I'm a snacker. So, with that I introduce you to Snack Attack, the newest addition to Pink Julep. Featuring healthy, enjoyable snacks that are sometimes a tiny bit naughty, I am aiming to find out all about the best snacks for people who are striving to live a healthy lifestyle. There's nothing worse than falling off the healthy eating wagon over a candy bar only to find you didn't enjoy it and I'm finding lately that there are a lot of really amazing alternatives that won't kill a good diet. Not gonna lie, I've eaten cake this month twice. However, I chose those instances very carefully and enjoyed them fully rather than falling into a bucket of cake face first because I wasn't thinking.

For many, a favorite snack is potato chips (or crisps as they're called here in London). We all know the dangers of some crisps with their saturated fats and high levels of sodium, but that doesn't make them taste any better. As a worthy alternative, I present you with my new favorite chip alternative, Sun Bites. Available in 5 different flavors, Sun Bites are made from whole grains. Though Sun Bites do contain some sugar, I don't feel bad about eating these when I have a craving for something crispy or shoving them in my bag for on-the-run hunger emergencies. Oh, and did I mention they're delicious? I'm partial to Lightly Sea Salted, but all the flavors are yummy!

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