Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weekend Warrior - Fashionably Fit

Let's face it, we're all busy. I don't know anyone who's not busy. Even my retired relatives are busy - it's the way of the world these days. I've recently found that weekend gym time is ideal for me with my hectic schedule… I enjoy my workouts more, I can take my time and it keeps me from staying up too late on Friday and Saturday nights. Because I plan on logging a lot of weekend hours in the gym in 2014, I'm adding a new segment to Pink Julep. Welcome to Weekend Warrior - a regular column if you will on Pink Julep where I'll be talking about all things fitness!

This week, I'm addressing what we all know - it's a lot easier to get to the gym when you have a cute new workout outfit to put on, so why not treat yourself regularly? This is one of the few instances where shopping can actually be good for your health! I tend to favor dark bottoms and bright tops & shoes for the gym. I also always wear a hoodie or long sleeve tee over my tank because sometimes the air conditioning is super cold.

What is your go-to workout look?

* Keep your eyes peeled for next week's Weekend Warrior post which will feature a playlist of all my favorite tracks for getting fit!

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