Saturday, March 1, 2014

Weekend Warrior - Joe Cross, Author of The Reboot With Joe Juice Diet on Juicing

You may recognize the name Joe Cross from his film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I had the pleasure of meeting Joe at The Juicery Pop-up in 108 Marylebone recently where he talked about juicing and his new book The Reboot With Joe Juice Diet. I've been fascinated by the idea of juicing for nutrition & weight loss for a while so I was keen to hear what he had to say on the subject and it was incredibly interesting.

Like many of the health & nutrition professionals I've spoken to recently, Joe started out as a normal guy. He never realized that he was unhealthy nor did he recognize himself as overweight until he was struck with health problems at the age of 32 eventually being put on medication for life. A successful businessman, about 8 years later at the age of 40 Joe had an idea. He took his health into his own hands and focused on a new business - the business of getting himself well.

Joe talked to us about choices with regards to our health, stating that 70% of all illness is caused by our lifestyle choices. With that knowledge he made a pledge, committing to eating only plants for 2 years as an experiment to curb his deteriorating health - he found that his best bet for this was a juice diet. After only 90 days, Joe was medication-free.

Joe explained that one of the benefits of juicing is the increase of micronutrients which are critical for good health. Though you may loose some of the nutrients to the pulp that's left behind after juicing, Joe says you actually get more because you drink more than you would normally chew. After reaching his medication-free goal, he had a decision to make about what to do next… Would he incorporate processed foods and meat back into his diet or juice forever? Ultimately, Joe admitted to being a normal guy who loves food, so he opted for balance with a diet that's approximately 40% plant-based, 30% animal product and 30% processed.

Joe suggests a Reboot to bring some balance to one's diet and lifestyle. He suggested committing to 100% change for a period of time such as 5 to 10 days to aid in giving up bad habits and reach what he calls "human 2.0". If this isn't an option, he says anything is better than nothing - even adding two glasses of green juice per day to your regular routine will produce change for the better. For those who are shy about drinking green juice, he suggested using fruit to cover up the taste and reducing the amount of fruit used over time.

Now drinking about 1 litre of juice a day, Joe says that when buying a juicer, it's important to take the yield into account. In some parts of the world, produce can be expensive, so it's important to get as much value out of the output as possible for most people to find it worthwhile. While juicers are expensive, it's sometimes better to spend a bit more to save in the long run. He also said that he puts his pulp through a second time to maximize the yield for additional savings.

I haven't yet read The Reboot With Joe Juice Diet yet, but I look forward to reading more about this nutritious & waist-slimming way of life. If you're interested in trying a juice, check out The Juicery where many of the juices, smoothies and nibbles are from recipes created by nutrition experts such as Amelia Freer, Dr. Frank Lipman & Dr. Alejandro Junger.

To find out more about Joe Cross, check out his blog or follow him on Twitter at @JoetheJuicer.

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