Monday, April 28, 2014

My Arm Party Recipe

I have recently on more than one occasion had people ask me two questions: 1. What is an arm party? and 2. How do you make an arm party? This prompted me to write this piece as I have my own method for choosing the bracelets I wear together and how I stack them. I normally stick to casual separates when it comes to my clothes, so I tend to express myself more through accessories and often my arm party is where I start. Here's my recipe for creating an expressive, fun, multi-textured arm party, just in time for Festival Season!

My arm party above consists of the following pieces:
My charm and ID bracelets are both sentimental pieces that give my arm party some personal identity. The star bracelet I wear because I love it - I also love stars. Silicone bangles by Duepunti offer a nice, contrasting texture along with colour and I can say the same for the cord bracelets by Twist Tango and Guess. It doesn't seem like these pieces would ever go together in a million years and a few of them I would never wear on their own, but together they take on a new look.

Is there any method to how you stack up your arm party?

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